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Twitter It! is a very easy-to-use plug-In, that prints out a link to Twitter for each post of your blog. So just place the „Twitter it!“ template-tag next to your article and every user who reads your article and wants to twitter it all over the web just has to click the „Twitter it!“ link.

You need PHP5 to run this plugin!

Download and Installation

Download it from here or directly over the wordpress interface. Place the plug-in like every plug-in into your plug-in directory and activate it. Go to the options-page in the adminpanel and set it up. Next open your templates (index.php and single.php) and place the „twitter it!“ template tag into „the loop“ next to your postings.

<?php if ( function_exists('twitter_it') ) : twitter_it($post->ID); endif; ?>


twitter_it(int ID);

Don’t modify the parameter.


V3 – Added nofollow-option
V2 – Added Database-Cache for short-urls
V1 – First release

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